Arizona Congressional Republicans Sign Letter Supporting Mecham

September 23, 1987

Associated Press

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) — Arizona’s congressional Republicans reaffirmed their opposition to the recall of Gov. Evan Mecham as recall campaign leaders announced they had gathered enough signatures to force an election.

Ed Buck, founder of the Mecham Recall Committee, said Tuesday that more than the 216,746 signatures needed to force a recall election had been collected.

The committee will continue to collect signatures and hopes to have 350,000 by the Nov. 3 deadline to make sure enough are validated, Buck said.

State Republican Party Chairman Burton Kruglick last week asked county GOP leaders and members of the Arizona congressional delegation to reaffirm their support for the Republican governor.

A letter signed by all five GOP members of the delegation was released Tuesday.

The letter, drafted in the office of Rep. John Kyl, fell short of expressing total support for the Mecham administration but calls the effort to remove Mecham from office “a very devisive and debilitating problem for the state.”

The signers said they wanted to allay speculation that they had strayed from their previous opposition to the recall.

The delegation’s two Democrats — Rep. Morris Udall and Sen. Dennis DeConcini — have expressed divided views on the recall. Udall has signed a recall petition, while DeConcini has said that he opposes the effort.