Former AZ First Lady dies, República smears

This a copy of a post to the blog Seeing Red AZ — “conservative political views from a red state”. I’m posting here for reference if the original blog post is no longer available. Here’s the original post:

September 15, 2012

In case you have any reservations regarding the depths to which the Arizona República newspaper will sink, it would be instructive to take a moment to read the obituary/news report* of Arizona’s former First Lady Florence Lambert Mecham. She was 87.

The hard copy edition of the newspaper that hounded her conservative Republican husband — Gov. Evan Mecham — out of office, restrains itself until the eighth word. But there it is: “A funeral service for the wife of controversial former Gov. Evan Mecham will be held Saturday.”

That word has become the favored tool of the República to show derision. Anything the stooges at the liberal daily abhor is “controversial” even if the majority of Arizona citizens overwhelmingly show their support for issues or candidates at the ballot box.

But to insert it in the obituary of a lovely, private woman thrust into the spotlight — a mother of seven, grandmother of 29, and great-grandmother of 8, is beyond the bounds of decency. This respectful notice was placed by the family through Bunker Family Funeral Home in Mesa.

Mrs. Mecham’s newspaper obit, including an unflattering photo, continues with a contemptuous last paragraph recount of her husband’s travails while in office.

Nice job, República.  You must be very proud.

*At the time of this posting, the shameful news version was not available online.

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8 Responses to Former AZ First Lady dies, República smears

  1. ZOO says:

    The Mecham era in Arizona remains an enigma twenty five years later. The backlash from Evan Mecham’s rescission of Bruce Babbit’s illegal proclamation for a state-paid MLK holiday could well be designated as the birth of the PC police. Governor Mecham was railroaded out of office for doing the necessary, and a generation later it dogs Mrs. Mecham at the end of her life. The Arizona Republic is scum!

  2. Ellsworth says:

    This is beyond disgusting. Florence Mecham was a woman of great warmth and dignity. She deserved much better, but but after what this newspaper did to her husband, along with the lies they heaped on him, (and from which he was exonerated!) she probably would have expected nothing else.

  3. Vinoaz says:

    Liberals are sick! If only they had this sort of contempt for criminals and terrorists. Attacking the weak and the innocent suits these cowards. Anyone who votes for any Democrat us either mentally I’ll or a Moron.

  4. chick20112011 says:

    I had a relative that used to work for Ev. Said that Ev was a great guy.

  5. Ajo Joe says:

    The Repulsive’s cartoonist Steve Benson even took pot shots at Mrs. Mecham. During a hectic trip when Mrs. Mecham developed a run in her nylons, Benson needlessly mocked her in a cartoon.

  6. William Heuisler says:

    I was Evan Mecham’s Southern Arizona Chairman. My investigation helped uncover Burton Barr’s corruption – that information won Ev’s primary 60% to 40%. The Republic had covered up for Barr for years and hated Mecham for beating their boy. After Ev’s general election victory the Republic began to lie about Ev and everyone close to him (including me). The Republic has covered for Babbit, Barr, Marley, McCain, Goldwater – and even covered up for the murderer of their own reporter, Don Bolles, in 1976. Read more about the corrupt Az Republic in my book “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” available at Amazon. Read the reviews on Amazon and make up your own mind before spending any money.
    Bill Heuisler Tucson <

    • Seen It All says:

      Thank you for your recollections, William Heuisler. Although I didn’t personally know Gov. Mecham, I am a lifelong Arizonan who voted for him and watched in shock as he was sliced and diced by the media and especially the Arizona Republic. They despised him when he was a state senator and were reeling in shock when he beat their anointed RINO Burt Barr.

      The media hate Republicans and loathe conservatives even more. This obituary of Mrs. Mecham is typical of the lowlifes who work at the newspaper. Most of them don’t even remember the Mecham years, but use the Republic’s own slanted archives to bolster their skewed contentions.

      • You are correct, Seen It All,
        They attacked Conservatives with false accusations, refused to publish factual responses and covered up for their own sins.
        Recall how their head man, Duke Tully boasted publicly for years how he had been an ace fighter pilot in Viet Nam? Well, Tully had never even been in the military! Worse, the Air Force Reserve Major General, Senator Barry Goldwater, went along with this disgraceful sham for years. The Republic’s long-time Editorial Editor, Pat Murphy, was involved in the hit-and-run death of a lady named Viola Faber and the Republic squelched and killed the ongoing investigation (much to the disgust of many of my friends in the Phoenix Police Dept). The Republic’s picked Governor, Fife Symington, committed felonies in office and was eventually convicted of graft and taking payoffs.
        Evan Mecham and his dear wife were honorable, honest Arizonans who were horribly libeled by the Republic because a Mecham Administration would have uncovered all the corruption.
        Bill Heuisler