Press release: Evan Mecham’s book Wrongful Impeachment

June 23, 1989

CHANDLER, Ariz. (BUSINESS WIRE) — Wrongful Impeachment: a Former Arizona Governor Exposes How Powerful, Behind-the-scenes Special Interests Control the Government and Pushed an Innocent Man Out of Office.

How widespread is political corruption and how do those involved operate? Are our elected officials no longer influenced by popular opinion but controlled by special interests with money and power. “Government control by unelected power brokers is a national crisis,” says former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham, “and Arizona is one of the most politically corrupt states in the Union.” Mecham’s book, Wrongful Impeachment, is a shocking, first hand look at how a group of power brokers, representing many of Arizona’s largest special interests, control the government and illegally removed him from office.

Mecham presents compelling evidence that his 1988 impeachment was orchestrated by a powerful behind-the-scenes group lead by the Phoenix 40. Threatened by Mecham’s pledge to take political power out of the hands of special interests and return to government on behalf of the people, the powerbrokers hatched an ingenious plot to get rid of him. Fifteen months into his four-year term, despite the fact that Mecham had not broken a single civil or criminal law, they succeeded.

As Mecham unravels the fascinating plot to oust him from the Governor’s office, readers are introduced to key characters in Arizona’s notorious political history.

Although ultimately acquitted of all wrongdoing, Mecham suffered a grand jury indictment, impeachment and was the target of a recall petition, making him the only officer in U.S. history to be attacked on so many fronts. Describing his ordeal with detail and depth, Mecham makes it easy to understand the intricate processes of government and how they can so easily be manipulated.

Mecham began writing Wrongful Impeachment in 1988-89 as a record of truth for his family, but after witnessing yet another decade of corrupt government, Mecham decided the truth must be revealed. “By informing the public, my hope is that we can return to a government in which elected officials serve the people instead of themselves and special interests.”

Wrongful Impeachment sells for $20 plus $4 shipping. It can be ordered from Prime News Press, P.O. Box 5279, Glendale, AZ 85312. You can read more about the book at

Note: The book is no longer in print.


The following two statements were issued by the publisher when the book was released.

Book Description

Shocking political corruption and conspiracy are revealed as former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham presents detailed, compelling evidence that his impeachment was orchestrated by a group of behind-the-scenes power brokers determined to regain control of Arizona government after Mecham made good on his pledge to take political control away from special interests. Although ultimately acquitted of all Grand Jury indictments, Mecham suffered a political impeachment and was the target of a recall petition, making him the only officer in U.S. history to be attacked on so many fronts. This is a disturbing insiders look at how special interests control government and pushed an innocent man out of office.

About the Author

Evan Mecham’s life is a rich tale of politics, business and personal revelations. Growing up on a farm during the great depression of the 1930s, Mecham learned to respect honest work. As a college student, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, serving as a pilot in W.W.II, and earning a purple heart when his P-51 was shot down. It was during his time as a POW that Mecham began to understand the true importance of leadership. It was clear to him that it was not soldiers who started wars, it was leaders.

On return from the war in 1945, Mecham married his high school sweetheart, Florence Lambert, and the couple raised seven children. Moving from Utah to Arizona, Mecham completed his education and began a very successful, 38-year career as a Pontiac automobile dealer.

Motivated by a desire to improve government, Mecham began to think about running for office. Although politically self-taught, he believed he could help the people of Arizona. They agreed, and in 1960, elected him State Senator. His success in the Arizona Senate encouraged him to run for the U.S. senate in 1961. He was defeated, but gave his opponent, Carl Hayden, the closest race of his career.

After retiring from politics for a decade, Mecham set his sites of the Governor’s office. In 1986, in a primary in which every daily newspaper in Arizona editorially recommended his opponent, Burton Barr, the people chose Mecham. He took the Governors office in 1987 and in just 15 months, had saved the state several hundred million dollars. Despite his effectiveness, Mecham was illegally impeached in 1988, the target of a history-making conspiracy by special interests threatened by his pledge to take control of the government away from them.

In addition to Wrongful Impeachment, Mecham is the author of Come Back America, published in 1982 and Impeachment: The Arizona Conspiracy, published in 1989.