Urgent media advisory regarding forged letter

October 14, 1987



Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Ken Smith, Special Assistant for Public Affairs

(602) 255-1343

Starting at about 3:30 p.m. today, the Governor’s Office began receiving phone calls from reporters asking about a fund — raising letter for C.A.P.E. signed by General John Singlaub. We bagan making calls ourselves and discovered that a letter which had not been authorized or seen by either General Singlaub or Governor Mecham was being distributed.

Joyce Downey, General Singlaub’s personal spokesperson, (phone: 955-4404) said she was given a copy of the letter late this afternoon and the signature of Singlaub “is definitely a forgery. The General never saw this letter, never approved it, and certainly never signed it.”

Governor Mecham has not seen the letter. Portions of the letter were read to him over the phone by Downey. “This is definitely not a letter written by my good friend, General Singlaub,” Mecham said. “The only purpose of such a letter would be to discredit both of us.”

Downey said she had been approached by someone saying they represented C.A.R.E. asking if Singlaub would sign a letter for Governor Mecham.

“I explained that General Singlaub would sign a letter only if he approved every single word of it, and if it had also been personally approved by Governor Mecham,” Downey said. “We unequivocally disavow this letter,” Downey said.

Governor Mecham also disavowed the letter. “I have talked in the past with General Singlaub about the possibility of a fundraising letter,” Mecham said. “But, we have never discussed the specific text of any letter.”

Mecham said the portions of the letter read to him by Downey were “appalling. Neither the General nor I would ever use such language or entertain such thoughts.”

He said he did not know why anybody would send such a letter, “other than to purposely try to destroy both of us. I hope and pray this letter has not been mailed to anyone.”

Downey said that if the letter has in fact been mailed, appropriate legal action will be taken.